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Washing Cloth Nappy Guide

Washing Cloth Nappy guide


We recommend you pre wash nappies prior to the first use.
Any cycle will be fine. DO NOT USE FABRIC CONDITIONER. 
It takes 2-3 times to gain a good absorbent level. 



  • After use, knock any poo into the loo.
  • For newborn babies, pre weening day. You can use liners if you wish. If disposable pop these into the bin, never down the loo.
  • Store nappy in a bucket or wash bag until wash day.
  • Some people pre wash at the end of each day then dry pile these nappies until main wash day. I personally wait until my bucket is full (approx every 2/3 days) 
  • Pre wash at 40 degrees short wash, using half the amount of detergent (non bio).
  • If you have a string wash bag/ bucket liner you can simply grab this and pop it in washing machine, no need to touch nappies at all. 
  • Once pre wash is complete I then do a main wash
  • Main wash at 60 degrees, using correct amount of detergent (non bio). I use the rule of 3/4 full (around 80%) so bulk up my wash with baby clothes or towels if nappies don't fill the machine. 
  • Nappies love a long cycle , so please keep this in mind

  • I wouldn't recommend using bleach and never use fabric conditioner as this affects the absorbency of your nappies. 

  • Drying naturally outside is the best thing to do, however you can dry in a tumble dryer on a low setting. I personally, hang mine on the line when possible and during winter or rainy days I pop liners/boosters in the tumble dryer and dry the shells/ pocket nappy on a clothes airer. 

  • Avoid putting directly on radiator.