Our Story

We are Kirsty, Ryan , Edie and Willow. 
Nipper Nappies was born after we had our second child Willow during the global pandemic. For a few years we have taken small steps to become more sustainable and do our bit. When becoming pregnant for the second time, we knew one switch we wanted to do was to use cloth nappies. Shortly after using cloth nappies we fell in love with them and this is when Nipper nappies was born.
We just loved everything about cloth nappies.  
Co-founder Kirsty, always wanted to combine her love and passion for design for a product she truly believed in and cloth was a way to combine both. Kirsty completed a surface pattern design course while pregnant and set to work on creating patterns for our first collection, she has tons of ideas spinning around In her head . Kirsty designs every single nappy , herself, at their home in Staffordshire.
Co-founder Ryan puts his passion into marketing into the business 
Edie will be more than likely not helping us at all but will be found wrapping herself in packaging tape and sticking labels on anything but parcels.
Willow is the face ,or should I say bum, of Nipper nappies. Chief tester and number one pooing machine. She provides us with hours of social media content and adds the cute factor to nipper nappies.  
We are passionate about getting parents to not only consider switching to cloth but to be confident to ditch the disposable and go cloth completely. We truly believe that cloth is not only better for the planet but for babies bums too and we are here to guide you along with your own cloth journey.