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Nipper Nappies supplies the very best reusable nappy wipes in a wide range of colours and styles. They look fantastic and are incredibly versatile and ideal for use on any part of the body, from the bottom to the face and hands.

At home, you can keep the reusable nappy wipes dry and wet them when needed. If you are out and about, you can soak the wipes and store them in a wet bag or container. Alternatively, you can keep them dry and pack a bottle or spray bottle of water.

Reusable nappy wipes are so simple to use it makes absolute sense for mums and dads. Simply wipe, wash, and reuse and leave the throw-away mindset far behind you.

Baby Wipes That Are Kind To Skin & The Environment

Our soft baby wipes are kind to the skin and the environment. The reusable nappy wipes provide an eco-friendly solution and effective alternative to disposable baby nappy wipes. 

You can use the washable nappy wipes right from birth, and they are highly recommended by many health care professionals. They contain no nasty chemicals or synthetic fragrances, making them absolutely safe, right from day one.

An Easy Clean Up With Washable Cloth Nappy Wipes

Cloth nappy wipes provide an easy clean-up when it comes to bottoms. With more texture and fibres compared to disposable wipes, you usually only need one wipe per nappy change (compared to five or six disposable wipes), even when it involves the dirtiest of nappies.

If you are already enjoying the benefits of using reusable cloth nappies, then you can pop the dirty wipes in the same wet bag, ready for washing.

Find out why cloth reusable nappy wipes are better for babies' bums and the planet by ordering your today.

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