What are Nipper Nappies made from?

Our nappies are made from Waterproof outer layer (PUL - waterproof polyurethane laminated polyester) then they are lined with a super soft fully polar fleece. 

All nappies come with 2 x 4 layer liners Bamboo and microfibe mix. For maximum absorbency

How do we get the best fit on our baby?

Our guide on how best to fit nappies can be found here - how to use our nappies?

if you still have questions please contact us via instagram or via email


How many nappies will you need? 

This is hard to answer as it can vary from person to person. It depends on if you wish to cloth full or part time, on your washing routine, how many children you have etc. 

A quick guide would be if you wish to cloth part time based on 2-3 day washing routine for one child, we would recommend 10-15 nappies and if you are cloth full time , again with one child and 2-3 day wash routine, we would recommend around 20-25 nappies 


Do I need anything extra?

Our nappies come with 2 boosters/inserts for maximum absorbency but some people do use liners and these are not provided with our nappies and are just an added bonus and aren't always required.


How often do I need to change the nappies?

Cloth nappies are used the same way as a disposable nappy and changed when required. It varies per baby/child but on average I would say around every 3 hours. 

How do we wash our nappies?

Our washing guide can be found here - How to wash our nappies?  

What do I do with poo? 

You can use liner, these can either be reusable or disposable that sit between nappy and baby. These catch the poo but allow wee to be absorbed. If you use disposable please note these do not get flushed down toilet. Once baby is eating solids you can just simply pop poo down the loo and flush. 

Can I use nappy rash cream? 

Nappy creams can impair the absorbency of your nappy. You can use a liner if nappy cream is needed. However I have personally found using cloth drastically reduced the need to use nappy cream. You can also buy nappy cream that is designed for cloth nappies too if required.