Why Cloth Nappies Are A Good Investment

Cloth nappies are a good investment that is not only good for your pocket, but the environment too. Whether you are a parent who is looking to watch the pennies or simply prefer to use eco-friendly nappies, it makes excellent sense to make the switch away from disposables.

Our cloth nappies are one size with adjustable poppers and a generous tummy band, taking your baby from newborn to potty. They include the nappy, two four-layer liners/inserts, and a reusable cotton bag.

If you want to stop throwing money in the bin every time you change your baby’s nappy but still need convincing, then we compare the cost of cloth reusable versus disposable nappies.

The Total Cost of Reusable Nappies

The initial total cost of reusable nappies depends on the number you purchase. You will need to decide if you will use cloth nappies part-time or full-time and determine how often you will wash.

Based on a 2-3 day washing routine, your baby will need approximately :

  • 10-15 cloth nappies for use on a part-time basis
  • 20-25 cloth nappies for use on a full-time basis

Our cloth nappies cost £16.95 each, meaning an investment of:

  • £169.50-£254.25 for part-time use
  • £339.00-£423.75 for full-time use

If you are going to make the switch to reusable nappies, then you may also want to consider switching to reusable wipes. Reusable wipes cost £1.95 each. If you use one per nappy change, a set of 25 will cost £48.75. You will also want a trio of wet bags for storing used nappies until wash day, costing £9.95 each.

There will, of course, be a small additional washing cost. Our cloth nappies dry quickly outside on the line, so you can reduce or eliminate your tumble dryer use.

How They Compare To Disposable Nappies

The average age to start potty training is two and a half, which means you will need between 4,000 to 6,500 disposable nappies. The average price of a disposable nappy is 14.5 pence per, giving a lifetime cost of:

  • £580-£942.50

Disposable nappy wipes have an average cost of 3 pence each, adding between £120-£195 to your expense sheet.

Although we will not include this in our final calculations, landfill charges equate to 10 pence for every £1 spent on disposable nappies, so there is an indirect cost for all taxpayers, parents or not. Recognising the burden of this cost, local councils are keen to persuade parents to switch to cloth nappies, offering redeemable vouchers of up to £54.15.

Looking at the highest use scenario, a lifetime supply of nappies for your baby will total: 

  • £448.20 - Reusable cloth nappies, including nappies, wipes, and wet bags, less your local authority incentive
  • £1137.50 - Cost of disposable nappies, including nappies and wipes

This gives you a huge estimated saving of £689.30.

The savings mount up quickly if you have two or three babies. If your toddler graduates to potty-trained before your next newborn arrives, you could add another £942.50 to your savings.