The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Your Plastic Footprint

Are you looking to reduce your plastic consumption and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle? Going plastic-free can seem daunting at first, but it's easier than you think! Here are some fun and easy ways to go plastic-free:

1. Bring Your Own Bag
One of the easiest ways to reduce your plastic consumption is to bring your own reusable shopping bags. Keep a few in your car, purse, or backpack so that you're always prepared. Reusable bags come in all sizes now, from fold up bags to pop into your handbag too large hessian shoppers. There is a reusable bag for everyone.

2. Ditch the Straws
Plastic straws are a major contributor to plastic pollution, but you can easily replace them with reusable alternatives. You can use stainless steel, glass, or bamboo straws, or simply opt for no straw at all.

3. Choose Reusable Water Bottles
Instead of buying plastic water bottles, invest in a reusable water bottle. There are many options available, including stainless steel, glass, and BPA-free plastic. Not only will you reduce your plastic consumption, but you'll also save money in the long run.

4. Go for Reusable Containers
When packing lunches or storing food, choose reusable containers instead of plastic bags or wrap. There are many options available, including glass containers, stainless steel containers, and beeswax wraps. 

5. Shop in Bulk
Buying in bulk can significantly reduce your plastic consumption. Bring your own reusable containers to the store and fill them up with bulk items like rice, beans, and nuts.

6. Choose Plastic-Free Beauty Products
Many beauty products contain plastic microbeads or come in plastic packaging. Look for plastic-free alternatives, such as bar soap, shampoo bars, and solid deodorants.

7. Say No to Disposable Cutlery
When eating out, say no to disposable cutlery and bring your own reusable utensils. Keep a set in your bag or car so that you're always prepared.

8. Shop at refill stores

Most towns now have a refill shop where you can bring your own containers and refill with anything from laundry detergents to herbs and spices. Take the kids along and let them help

9. Take the kids litter picking

Spent a few hours at the weekend litter picking with the kids. Help keep the natural world clean and free of pollution by picking up your rubbish. Always remember to wear gloves.

10. Ditch the disposable nappies

Disposable nappies take a long time to decompose and contribute significantly to landfill waste. In contrast, reusable nappies can be used multiple times, reducing the amount of waste generated. Nipper Nappies are a more eco-friendly option.

Going plastic-free doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. By making small changes in your daily life, you can significantly reduce your plastic consumption and help protect the environment. So why not give it a try and see how easy it can be?

Do you have anything else to add to this list? Send us an email with your suggestions.