The Funding & Schemes To Help You Switch To Reusable Nappies

Councils across the UK encourage parents to switch to reusable nappies by helping them out with the initial outlay. 

Currently, disposable single-use nappies cost local councils £77 million in landfill taxes and disposal costs each year, which equates to £100 per baby. To reduce these expenses and help protect the environment, councils will give you a reusable nappy grant in the form of vouchers, cashback, trial starter kits, or the hire of reusable nappies. 

The reusable nappy incentives are available to you if your child is younger than 18 months. Conditions may differ from council to council, so please check the terms beforehand.

Real Nappy Council Incentive Schemes

Many local councils offer real nappy council incentive schemes. These incentive schemes encourage you to trial reusable nappies with starter kits or vouchers against them. Participating councils include:

  • Bradford: Free starting kit of reusable nappies worth £45
  • Ceredigion: £40 trial pack
  • Devon: Free trial kit
  • Edinburgh: Free starting kit of reusable nappies through Changeworks
  • Gwynedd: Free trial pack or a £30 voucher for reusable nappies
  • Hertfordshire: £50 cash back or a starter kit worth £100
  • Inverclyde: Starter kit with Changeworks
  • Leeds: £30 cash back or a starter kit
  • North Ayrshire: Free starter kit
  • Southwark: Free starter pack
  • Stevenage: £50 cash back or a starter kit worth £100
  • Three Rivers: £50 cash back or a free starter kit
  • Wakefield: Free starter pack
  • Wiltshire: One-month trial kit

Other councils provide a reusable nappy library where you can hire to trail them. Councils partaking in this approach include Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Leicester, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Richmond, and Teeside.

Redeeming Vouchers & Using Nappy Libraries

Many of the incentives fall under the category of reusable nappy voucher schemes. These schemes are an excellent choice for parents (and babies) because you choose the brand of reusable nappies rather than having this dictated to you.

You can select the solution most suitable for you and your baby, such as a reusable nappy designed to take your baby from newborn to potty changing. This style of reusable nappies have adjustable poppers, booster inserts, and a flexible tummy band.

The Real Nappies for London scheme offers redeemable vouchers amounting to:

  • Bexley: £50
  • Camden: £54.15
  • Enfield: £51.15
  • Hackney: £54.15
  • Haringey: £54.15
  • Islington: £54.15
  • Lambeth: £40
  • Tower Hamlets: £40
  • Waltham Forest: £54.15

Outside of London, councils are offering:

  • Barnet: £54.15 cashback
  • Belfast City Council: £30 cashback or a £50 purchase of reusable nappies
  • Berkshire: £30 cashback
  • Bournemouth: £30 cashback
  • Bracknell Forest: £30 cashback
  • Carlisle: £45 voucher
  • Central Bedfordshire: £25 cashback on purchases over £50
  • Christchurch: £30 cashback
  • Denbighshire: £75 voucher  
  • Derbyshire: £25 cashback on purchases over £50
  • Derry City and Strabane: £30 cashback
  • Dorset: £30 coupon or cashback
  • Dudley: £30 cashback on purchases over £50
  • Essex: £30 cashback
  • Fermanagh and Omagh: £30 cashback
  • Flintshire: £75 voucher
  • Gloucestershire: £30 cashback
  • Gwynedd: £30 voucher
  • Leeds: £30 cash back
  • Lisburn and Castlereagh: £30 cashback
  • Luton: £40 cashback on purchases over £50
  • Newly, Mourne, and Down: £30 cashback
  • Oldham: £30 voucher
  • Pembrokeshire: £30 cashback on purchase over £50 (£60 if you spend over £150)
  • Powys: £100 cashback
  • Sheffield: £10 voucher
  • Stevenage: £50 cashback
  • Swansea: £100 cashback 
  • Sutton: £35 cashback 
  • Three Rivers: £50 vouchers
  • Torfaen: £30 voucher
  • Walsall: £30 cashback when you spend more than £50
  • Watford: £50 cashback

Clearly, some local councils are more generous than others. However, the lifetime cost of reusable nappies is significantly less than disposable nappies, so you will make savings on top of the cashback or voucher your council offers.