Eco-Friendly Hospital Bag Essentials

You have made it; you are in your final trimester of pregnancy and your emotions are probably everywhere. However, one of the most exciting parts of being in your final trimester is starting to pack your hospital bag. It can often make everything feel real following weeks of maternity appointments and symptoms. It is natural to want to be prepared and provide your baby with everything they need from day one. Though, figuring out what needs to be in your environmentally friendly hospital bag for the big day can be daunting. Here, Nipper Nappies takes you through some eco-friendly essentials below to start you off.  

Reusable Nappies

The choice is yours whether to start using reusable nappies from birth or to wait a few months. It can often seem daunting using reusable nappies from birth however, it doesn’t need to be. There are several options such as birth to potty (BTP) nappies. Birth to potty nappies are the ideal economical nappy. Our patterned eco-friendly cloth nappies, have a generous tummy band that will fit your baby as they grow from 8lb to 35lb. Made from a microfibre and bamboo mix, they deliver the best characteristics from each material such as absorbency. There are designed to be adjusted as your baby grows using a popper system at the front. With additional absorbency they are easy to change and make for a great option in your hospital bag.

Reusable Nappy Wet Bags

Convenient and environmentally friendly, reusable nappy wet bags are the perfect companion to store the used eco reusable nappies in. Or to store clean ones, making changing your baby fuss free. Completely waterproof these wet bags can be sealed off, letting you carry them around without any odours or liquids. With every used nappy thrown to landfill, the raw matter within the nappy goes directly into the environment via waterways. Having a nappy wet bag this stops the worry about disposing of the used nappy appropriately. Once home both can be washed economically.

Reusable Wipes

These are the simplest start to anyone’s sustainable journey, and they are highly recommended by many health care professionals. As they are zero waste, reusable wipes complement your eco-friendly hospital bag, in place of traditional wipes. Using delicate material, these wipes can be versatile, they are ideal to use on any part of your babies body. They contain no nasty chemicals or synthetic fragrances, making them absolutely safe, right from day one. On average you only need to use one reusable wipe when changing in comparison to 5 -6 disposable ones.

Organic Cotton Swaddles

Muslin clothes are one arguably one of the most useful items in the early days of having a new born. They are versatile and can be used interchangeable. Either to swaddle you baby, used to cover if breastfeeding, as a makeshift mat for tummy time, or changing your baby. They are also perfect for using to mop up or protect from the inevitable spills, dribble, sick and milk. Organic swaddles that are made from organic cotton as extremely soft for delicate new born skin. Additionally, they are better for the environment as the organic cotton uses less water when produced, is nontoxic and chemical free.

Organic Comforter

A comforter can be very soothing to your new born. One that uses a natural fabric will absorb your scent and can be a real soothing item for your new born. It is vital thought if you buy a comforter that it is light and breathable, which cotton is ideal for. With it being organic it also means it will be nontoxic and gentle on your babies skin.

Nipper Nappies

Going plastic free from day one with your baby is easy with Nipper Nappies. As a family run business, we have been there through all the stages, some smoother than the others. Whilst bringing up our own children we started our birth to potty nappy business. Using organic cloth and fleece, the double gusset, tummy band, and waterproof outer layer keeps wetness retained. All whilst being environmentally friendly. View our range today.