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Eco-Friendly and Practical: Ways to Use a Reusable Wet Bag

Reusable nappy wet bags are a convenient and environmentally friendly solution for managing soiled nappies or storing clean ones. The cloth nappy wet bag takes the fuss out of nappy changes and can be used to hold soiled nappies and reusable wipes.

The reusable nappy bag is completely washable, just like our nappies. Simply follow our washing guide and feel good about doing your bit towards a sustainable lifestyle and planet by saying goodbye to throwing away hundreds of used nappies and disposable bags.


A reusable nappy wet bag is an excellent choice for in the home and on the go. You can place your wet nappies in the waterproof wet bags, sealing off odours, absorbed liquids and solids, letting you carry on with the task at hand.

Without having to worry about disposing of the used nappy appropriately, essential nappy changes when you are out and about become entirely hassle-free. When you return home, you simply deal with the soiled nappies in your usual manner.

Armed with our wet bags, you will never be embarrassed or left holding a dirty nappy in public or when visiting friends.



  1. Cloth diapering: Wet bags are commonly used to store cloth diapers until they can be washed. They prevent odors and leaks, and can be easily transported in a diaper bag.
  1. Swim gear: Wet bags are perfect for holding wet swimsuits, towels, and goggles after a dip in the pool or ocean.
  1. Gym gear: A wet bag can be used to store sweaty gym clothes, towels, and shoes, preventing odors and keeping them separate from other items in your gym bag.
  1. Travel: Wet bags are ideal for holding toiletries, especially when traveling by plane, as they prevent liquids from leaking into your luggage.
  1. Food storage: Wet bags can be used to store fruits, vegetables, and other produce, keeping them fresh and crisp.
  1. Breast milk storage: Wet bags are commonly used to store breast milk that has been pumped, since they are leak-proof and easy to transport.
  1. Pet gear: Wet bags can be used to store pet toys, food, and other supplies, especially when traveling or camping.


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