How Many Reusable Nappies Do I Need To Get Started?

If you are choosing reusable nappies, you will be joining a growing community of parents who have discovered their many benefits. Modern reusable nappies look a lot like disposable nappies and do not require parents to have a degree in folding and origami. Poppers and stretchy waistbands have replaced safety pins, ensuring comfort, fit, and safety, not to mention making the nappy changing process quicker and easier. Cloth nappies are available in cool designs that catch your eye and will ultimately save you money over the long term. If you are getting started with a newborn or older baby, then one of your first questions is going to be how many nappies do I need to get started? Here we answer this question so that you can get going straight away and make a seamless transition to a more eco-friendly solution.

Getting Started Vs. Going Full Time

Our personal experience and the feedback from many other parents suggest that you will need 15-25 cloth nappies if you plan to go full-time, or eight to ten if you go part-time or are trialling them. The number you need primarily depends on how frequently you will wash and dry batches of used nappies. If you plan to wash less frequently, then you should increase the number of nappies to cater to this. Reusable nappy bundles make it easy for you to put together your order. You can purchase a starter kit as part of your first order, and these include all the associated products you need (more on this later). You can then add extra nappies to your collection until you have enough for your circumstances.

How Many Will A Newborn Baby Need

A newborn baby will need more reusable nappies than older babies or those that are potty training. 25 is a good starting point if you have a newborn. If your baby is slightly older, then fifteen will likely suffice if you have a two-day wash cycle. Most parents find that their newborn baby will use 8-12 nappies a day, whereas this number drops to five per day for older babies.

Using Them Day & Night

Cloth nappies use a removable liner (booster), which increases the absorbency. For daytime use, one liner is often adequate. However, you will want to boost the absorbency for night use. We make this easy by including two liners with each nappy order, so you can double the nappy's effectiveness by using both at the same time.

What Else You'll Need

You will need to store used nappies in a nappy bucket or wet bag until you have enough to run a wash. Many parents prefer the wet bag option due to its convenience. A wet bag can hang next to your baby's cot, on a pram or pushchair, or even a door handle. You can take it with you when you go out and use one for clean and another for used nappies. When you make a move to cloth nappies, you can also move away from disposable wipes and the nasty chemicals these contain. Reusable bamboo wipes are a superb alternative, and you can use them on faces and hands as well. Both wet bags and reusable wipes are included if you purchase a six or twelve-nappy starter kit. It would help if you washed the soiled cloth nappies in your washing machine using a non-biological washing powder and no fabric softener. Refraining from using softeners is crucial because this reduces the natural absorbency of the reusable nappies. Nipper Nappies offers an excellent range of high-quality reusable nappies and associated products to help you do your part for the environment (you will lower your carbon footprint by 40% by choosing reusable over disposable). Whether you want to reduce the number of disposables heading towards landfills (one baby uses 875kgs of disposable nappies that take more than one hundred years to degrade), lighten your shopping loads, save money, or simply experience their general convenience, we have the reusable nappies you need.